You've found your dharma, but are you treating it like a profession?


An online course to help experienced yoga teachers and yoga therapists reach new audiences, get the most out of private sessions and work with professionals in other related fields. 

Does this sound like you?

"My clients get so much out of our sessions but I have a have a hard time articulating what I do as a yoga therapist"

"I don't always know how to best structure my yoga therapy sessions"

"I'd love to expand my reach and utilize technology to see clients remotely"

"I have trouble setting boundaries with clients, like knowing what to do for late appointments and no-shows"

"I wish I could get leads from medical professionals"

"Is there a way I can seek out grants and funding so that I can offer low or no-cost yoga to the underserved?"

We’ve been there, felt that — and we know how to carve out your path to clarity.

Welcome to our new online course:
Yoga Therapy Demystified.  

Imagine if you could...

* Gain confidence knowing who you are as a yoga therapist
* Turn to a handy blueprint to structure your client sessions
* Work with medical professionals as part of their "team"
* Attract new audiences in alignment with your work  

And most of all, run a thriving business that still lets you be of service?

That’s *exactly* what you’ll learn in this course!  

Program Cost: $497 

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What is Yoga Therapy Demysitified?

An online course to help experienced yoga teachers and yoga therapists reach new audiences, get the most out of private sessions and work with professionals in other related fields.

Yoga Therapy Demystified is a 4-week course that takes place March 31 – April 24, 2020. See below for Module Topics and release dates.

The live sessions provide interactive Q&A discussions and are also recorded if you are unable to attend live.

Each module is accompanied by worksheets to help you put into action the teachings.

Module 1: Foundations

Understand what yoga therapy is, learn the fundamental principles that guide the therapeutic relationship and grasp the importance of the Kosha model in Yoga Therapy.

Lesson 1.1: What is Yoga Therapy? Lesson 1.2: Principles of Yoga Therapy Lesson 1.3 The Koshas & Yoga Therapy 

These sessions will be scheduled as live webinars March 31- April 2 with replay made available after live session.  

Module 2: Anatomy of a Session

Find out how to structure the Yoga Therapy session, how to conduct intake and assessment with clients and develop appropriate treatment plans.

Lesson 2.1: How to Structure a Yoga Therapy Session Lesson 2.2 Intake Process Lesson 2.3 Assessment Process Lesson 2.4 Treatment Planning  

These sessions are pre-recorded with featured faculty Maria Mendola. Live Q&A with Maria Mendola week of April 6th.  

Module 3: The Professional Yoga Therapist

Explore how to effectively manage clients and take notes, teach group yoga therapy classes, understand considerations for providing yoga therapy in the client’s home, effectively work with medical professionals, utilize telemedicine for virtual yoga therapy and create a client contract.

Lesson 3.1: Client Management & Note Taking
Lesson 3.2: How to teach Group Yoga Therapy Classes
Lesson 3.3: Providing Yoga Therapy in the Client’s Home
Lesson 3.4: Working with Medical Professionals
Lesson 3.5: Using Telehealth for Virtual Yoga Therapy (with Ann Swanson)
Lesson 3.6: Creating a Client Contract (with Antonio Sausys)  

These sessions will be scheduled as live webinars April 13-17 with replay made available after live session.

Module 4: Amplify Your Impact 

 Discover ways to seek grants and funding for your work, obtain referrals and discover ways in which you can create a niche. Finally, you will learn how to access relevant research which is important for validating your work with certain audiences.

Lesson 4.1: Seeking Grants & Funding Lesson 4.2: Referrals Lesson 4.3: Creating a Niche Lesson 4.4: Research  

These sessions will be scheduled as live webinars April 20-24 with replay made available after live session.  

Program Cost: $497 

This course is approved as an IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) Continuing Education Course for C-IAYTs.

Here’s why our students love and trust our programs:  

"I considered many different programs when seeking out my yoga therapy certification. My first impression of Inner Peace was that they were organized and professional, which turned out to be very true! I felt the topics of education addressed the most common conditions for which people seek out therapeutic yoga--heart disease, addiction, chronic pain, etc. The teachers are the absolute best in each of their areas of expertise. Throughout the entire training and beyond, I felt extremely supported by the Inner Peace staff. They were quick to help with any of our needs during the immersion, and provided essential guidance after the program ended to assist everyone with IAYT certification. I cannot speak highly enough about this school. I recommend Inner Peace to all of my yoga colleagues seeking to be yoga therapists because I know they will not be disappointed! - Michelle Fletcher, Asheville NC

"I'm so happy I chose to study with Inner Peace. Their certification program is well-rounded and comprehensive, preparing me to work with numerous populations and medical conditions. The teachings impacted the way I interact with my students as well as myself; it was truly life-changing!" - Whitney Pasch, Chicago IL 

About Michele Lawrence

Michele has been training yoga teachers and yoga therapists for over 10 years. She runs the IAYT-accredited Inner Peace Yoga Therapy certification program where she partners with experts in the field to bring the highest level of education available. As an experienced yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist herself, she has had years of client and classroom-based experience. Michele also has an MBA, and in addition to running her own businesses, she has also worked in small and large corporations for 20 years.

I believe your path is only just beginning — and it would be our honor to guide you towards greater confidence and clarity to show up as the talented yoga therapist you are.


Who is this course designed for? This course is designed for experienced yoga teachers, Certified Yoga Therapists and Yoga Therapists in Training.

What are the program dates? Yoga Therapy Demystified is a 4-week course that takes place March 31 – April 24, 2020. Each module (except for Module 2 which is pre-recorded) will be held as live web events. Review the modules above to determine when each will be released as a live event. All live events will be recorded and posted in case you are unable to attend live. You will have unlimited access to the recordings and supporting materials.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this program? This course is not about adding more to your plate, it’s about fine-tuning your work as a professional Yoga Therapist. There are four Modules in the program, each consisting of 3-to-6 live or pre-recorded Lessons. Each lesson is in average 1 hour in length. You will be encouraged to attend each of the lessons live, as there will be interactive Q&A, but each lesson will also be recorded in case you are unable to attend live. We recommend taking the program at your own pace. Slow it down if you need to, and take your time. There are also templates and worksheets associated with each module so that you can put into practice what you have learned.

What days /times will I be able to access the lessons? Each week, a new module will be posted in the online classroom. You are welcome to go online and study at your convenience.

Will this program be offered again? If you are interested in taking this journey, now is the time. We will not offer Yoga Therapy Demystified again until later this year.

In what circumstances can I get a refund? The course is non-refundable. Since you get lifetime access to the content, you can always revisit the course materials if life circumstances make it challenging for you to complete the curriculum at this time.