Yoga Across the Cancer Care Continuum

A live virtual training November 1-3, 2024
with Anne Pitman and Smitha Mallaiah

Course Description

In the three days of this module, we will cover yoga therapy across the cancer care continuum from diagnosis, to treatment, to survivorship and beyond. Specific topics include:

  • Cancer perspectives, beliefs and attitudes,
  • Stress and cancer,
  • Cancer in different age groups,
  • Shock of diagnosis, PTSD and Cancer-related trauma,
  • Prehabilitation, side effects of treatment and yoga therapy response,
  • Guidelines for safety precautions and contraindications,
  • Working with caregivers and couples,
  • Benefits of individual and small group yoga therapy,
  • Cancer and yoga research,
  • Adjusting to the new normal after cancer,
  • Case studies, and creating a yoga class sequence for particular needs.

Pre-requisites: This training requires approximately 1 hour of prework, which will be distributed 2 weeks in advance of the course.

Daily Schedule: Generally speaking, the program’s daily schedule is as follows: (Times are listed in Mountain Time)

  • 9-12:00 morning class (with 1 15-minute break)
  • 12:00-1:00 lunch break
  • 1:00-5:00 afternoon class (with 2 15-minute breaks)

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Tuition: $525, payable below.

Order Summary
Yoga for Cancer Survivors Virtual Training

Anne Pitman


Anne holds a Masters in Kinesiology and is the Director of The School of Embodied Yoga Therapy, with over 35 years of experience in movement inquiry, training yoga teachers and pioneering yoga therapy in Canada.  She is a practicing yoga therapist, research consultant and program co-ordinator at The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre, offering one-on-one care for those with experiencing treatment side effects, shock, trauma, anxiety, depression and pain. Her yoga therapy retreat, Informed by Cancer: Integration of Lived Experience, gathers people after treatment, addressing nervous system impact, lingering side effects and the ongoing fear of recurrence.  Anne regularly speaks at medical, complementary healthcare and yoga therapy conferences on diagnosis shock, the unrecognized grief of cancer and the tender practice of accompanying people facing their dying days. She has recently co-authored a book, Yoga Therapy Across the Cancer Care Continuum.  

Smitha Mallaiah


Ms. Mallaiah is a Sr. Mind-Body Intervention Specialist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer center’s Integrative medicine program. She has a Masters’s degree in Yoga therapy and has been practicing yoga therapy for over 18 years. She has spent over a decade at M D Anderson Cancer Center, working with hundreds of cancer patients. On the clinic side, she works alongside other integrative medicine clinicians using yoga therapy with inpatients and outpatients going through cancer, from prevention, diagnosis, and end of life. On the research side, she has developed and taught yoga research interventions for various Cancer populations, like Breast, Lung, Brain, Head and Neck cancers, and others. She has also authored/co-authored yoga publications and has presented her work at national and international conferences on the efficacy of yoga in Cancer care.