Functional Yoga Therapy™
Structural Assessment Strategies –Virtual Techniques

with Maria Shamas

Online/virtual training
Meets Thursdays: September 9, 23 & 30: 4:30 - 7:00pm MT

Course Details

Objectives for Course:  This course is designed for past Inner Peace Yoga Therapy students, past Functional Yoga Therapy students, and those interested in mastering specific aspects of the static and dynamic postural assessment. 

What this course will cover: 

  • The concepts of Tele-Health Yoga Therapy
  • Specific techniques for assessing virtually:  environment, clothing, equipment, etc. 
  • Adapting Functional Yoga Therapy assessment techniques to the Virtual environment
  • The foot assessment effectively adapted to the virtual screen, including virtual partner assessment
  • Assessing static posture virtually; including partner assessment
  • TMJ: Body/Jaw Assessment, including partner assessment
  • Assessing the body in motion virtually, including partner assessment
  • Therapeutic protocol suggestions given throughout the training
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Preparatory homework prior to each session (approximately 30-45 minutes each time)
  • Handout packet will be provided, along with access to specific assessment videos

Approved for 10 hours. of IAYT continuing education (APD)

Tuition: $199, payable below

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