Introduction to Jyotisha
Vedic Astrology

Observing and Interpreting your Unique Karmic Patterns

with Chinnamasta Stiles

Recorded live on Monday, December 11th, 2023


Jyotisha, or Vedic astrology, is a Veda, shedding light on your unique karmic patterns as reflected in your birth chart. Imagine that at the time you were born you took a screenshot of the sky, with its seven planets and the two nodes we observe. Each one of them talking to one another, creating patterns and making up your unique body-mind- soul print. 

Jyotisha is a unique system grounded both in astronomy and astrology. Many of these patterns offer us opportunities in life, other karmas may cause obstruction and difficulty. The beauty is that through the interpretation of the natal chart you learn so much about yourself and it gives you direction in life. 

In this two hour Jyotisha introduction, Chinnamasta guides you into the basic understanding of what Jyotisha is, how it works and how it may support you in your life. 

The workshop will be recorded, and offered as a replay to all attendees.


Chinnamasta Stiles

Chinnamasta (C-IAYT, NAMA-CAYT, LMT, PCPN-AC, JYOTISHA), is the Director of  Shiva Shakti Loka in Collioure, France. With more than 30 years of experience, she is a Teacher and Vedic Counselor in multi-dimensional health for people from all walks of life and in all stages of life. Chinnamasta started her professional life as an Intensive Care pediatric nurse, developing the skill to observe and interpret what the children weren’t able to verbalize. This continues to serve her today in understanding beyond what her clients are capable of seeing or telling.

After 12 years, she felt a strong calling to move into holistic healing. Over the next 30 years she studied Yoga & Tantra, Jyotisha, and Āyurveda. While Western medicine taught her how to work with the physical structure, Eastern medicine deepened her understanding of how to help people gracefully deal with difficulty, prevent illness, and live a joyful life. By blending these two modalities, Chinnamasta guides her students and clients in how to become the masters of their own health and healing, leading to a purposeful life of deep contentment connected to the Self. 

Her home base and private practice are based in Collioure, France. >>Read more about Chinnamasta

Chinnamasta offers online private Soul sessions merging yoga, āyurveda and tantra and Jyotisha natal chart readings & dynamic chart readings. If you wish to book a Vedic counseling session with Chinnamasta go to her website to schedule.

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