Full Moon Sacred Breath Ceremony
with Isa Visanti

Live in-person | Saturday, Feb 24 | 6:30PM

Smiley Building in Durango, Room 20A (2nd floor)

Let your breath guide you to Know Thyself and the Universe and the Gods.

Join us in the Sacred Breath ceremony to experience yourself in a whole new way, free of concepts about who you are, untethered and unfabricated!

Circular diaphragmatic breath takes you on an inner journey to discover the depth of your being, where spirit guides, ancestors, archangelic forces, ascended masters, and all celestial beings of the highest light and love, assist the realization of the soul.

Breathwork is a powerful modality to embody the soul into the form. The soul is pure light, the essence of the being.. The body is the earthly home of the soul.

By activating the breath, energy is amplified in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

  • the activation of the lymphatic system detoxifies the physical body, 
  • the emotional body reveals its force and primordiality by surging out of its hiding place. Unresolved emotions become available for process and integration.
  • The thinking mind relaxes its grip, you can then experience yourself fully, not just as a concept.
  • the spiritual body illuminates consciousness. You can now connect with your higher self and celestial beings.

Under the full moon, breathe yourself into being and realize the magic of who you truly are!

This event has been canceled.